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Hi there.

My name is Lars Kellogg-Stedman (that’s /lärSH/). By day I’m a senior principal software engineer at Red Hat; by night I fiddle with software and electronics and I am easily distracted by shiny things. You may know me from Stack Overflow (and a smattering of other Stack Exchange sites), where I like to answer questions on a variety of topics.

I have previously worked at Harvard University SEAS, Boston University Dept. of Computer Science, and the now defunct Boston University Distributed Systems Support Group (“DSG”).

I have a blog to which I occasionally post technical articles.


I am generally larsks@*, in particular:

My GPG key is published here (or on the openpgp keyserver if you prefer), if you need a way to send me something securely.


I have been involved with the open source community for decades, and I try to fix problems when I see them. You’ll find my name in the commit log for projects including Git, Docker, Ansible, OpenStack, Kustomize, Micropython, and hundreds of other projects.

I helped launch Ara and tripleo-quickstart, although I haven’t been active in either project for a long time.